(of muscular origin)

Tinnitus (of muscular origin)

Tinnitus or tinnitus (beeps or noises in the ears) are difficult to treat in general. Sometimes the cause is in the degeneration of the auditory nerve or in problems of the inner ear. If the position of the Atlas is altered, the balance and pressure or tension that certain bones of the skull (such as the temporal or occipital bone) have to each other is also altered.

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Excessive pressure on these bones, together with increased  tension in the jaw , irritation of certain nerves and chronic inflammation of some muscles in the upper region of the cervical and head, can lead to tinnitus or beeping in the ears

Effectiveness, improvements and limitations:

If the tinnitus is of muscular origin associated with the bad position of the Atlas, it is possible to obtain some improvement in some cases. The efficacy of AtlasPROfilax® in tinnitus is medium or medium-low, however, the effectiveness of AtlasPROfilax® is higher than other conventional therapies for the treatment of tinnitus.

In cases where nerve involvement is irreversible, the improvement will be zero. In cases where the cause of tinnitus is the pressure on the temporo-occipital and mandibular complex, it is possible to obtain moderate to very noticeable relief.