Shallow Breathing

Do you suffer from Shallow Breathing? Learn how AtlasProFilax can help. 

Deep breathing in which it is possible to perform deep inhalations and fill the lungs depends, among other factors, on good muscle tension and balance. If the Atlas, as the first cervical vertebra that supports the weight of the head, is not optimally positioned, it can generate instability in the lower cervical vertebrae, forcing certain muscles such as scalenes and the sternocleidomastoid to adopt defensive and very tense positions producing respiratory difficulties of muscular origin. 

Shallow Breathing

Most people who suffer from shallow breathing usually suffer from cervical or back pain, jaw pain, and often headache.

Effectiveness, improvements and limitations:

AtlasPROfilax® is highly effective in shallow breathing problems only if they are of muscular origin. Most patients, even those who do not consult for shallow breathing, report that, after treatment, not only their posture and various pains have improved but that their breathing is much freer and deeper.