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"Physicians are asked to give credibility to medical procedures all the time and AtlasProfilax gets my seal of approval. Not only because I’m a doctor who has had many patients who have felt its benefits, but because I’m a satisfied patient as well!"

Dr. Steven T. Benaderet, MD, Family Medicine, Westport, Connecticut

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85 Mill Plain Rd Ste F, Fairfield, CT

Susan Doyle


I had gone to a traditional chiropractor in the past but never truly got relief from my lower back, neck and hip pain. There was always a constant ache and I had difficulty doing simple things like putting on my bra. I spend most of my day driving and was very tight. That was my “normal”.
After treatment with Erika I felt an immediate change. My range of motion increased significantly and I feel more in balance. I never knew what normal meant and now I do. Erika followed up with me frequently to see how I was doing.
I can’t express enough how incredible this treatment is-Quick and immediate effect! I look forward to my continued improvement as my spine readjusts.
Thanks Erika! I 100% endorse Atlasprofilax

Regina D


This therapy has changed my life. I have spent the last 4 years living with significant pain in my neck. I had been through PT, injections, and massage therapy with temporary relief. AtlasproPT In 3 weeks has changed my well being. I am no longer in pain, have a better range of motion, and best yet no more numbness or tingling. Well worth the time and money!  Erika is also very knowledgeable

Laurie R


Beyond happy that I had this treatment! I didn't even realize how much I needed this! The pain and stiffness had become my norm I suppose. Since Thursday I can now look fully over my shoulder when getting on 95 and have this incredible feeling of lightness/ relief. Erika explained it was a reset and that is exactly how I feel. Can't imagine how much more effective my massages will be and my general health improved. Kinda blown away! Having researched her years of experience as a trained PT I felt very confident trying something new and so glad I did!

Alicia L.


I had this treatment about a month ago and have been waiting to see what impact it had. I am so pleased with the results. For the first time in many, many years, I can sleep on my stomach again. I had limited range of motion in my neck due to an injury almost 30 years ago. Now, my range of motion is improved so I can do many of the twists and fish poses in yoga I previously had to skip. I have also seen a notable decrease in the number and frequency of headaches/migraines. I am prone to both and am delighted with this improvement. Erika also gave me some exercises to do to help with my posture and I have seen real improvement there as well. Erika was a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, caring and careful. I highly recommend her and the atlas treatment. So worth it!

Yvonne B.


I had a very positive result from this treatment
Erika is amazing and is highly trained in this area of expertise .
I felt the following changes and positive effects:
my carpal and radial tunnel syndrome pain was lessened , my head was leaning back on my drivers seat more comfortable , my posture felt straighter and “ taller” , and lastly my massage therapist was amazed at the difference in how more supple and accessible by neck and shoulder muscles felt.
I definitely noticed a deepening of my massages And more relaxing results.
I would highly recommend this fascinating procedure. I’m a true believer !

Evelina J.


My daughter met with Erika because she had strained her neck during vigorous dance practice. It turned out she needed to have the AtlasProphilax procedure done to realign her vertebrates. After meeting with Erika she immediately felt a relief and her neck and posture have only been improving since. Erika is a very knowledgeable and skillful physical therapist. She did wonderful work with my daughter. I highly recommend her!

Oliver L


Had no idea what to expect, somewhat skeptical. A friend suggested I try it for various aches and pain. leg, shoulder and jaw. Nothing major just chronic and annoying. After the treatment I felt an immediate improvement in my posture. The real benefit came over the next few weeks, when I noticed that my various chronic pains all went away. Very happy!!! Highly recommend

Elise L


I spend easily 40 to 50 hours a week in a seated or stationary/poor posture position working at a computer. I carry all of my stress in my neck and shoulders and have had numerous massage therapists tell me that regular treatments won't suffice, that I need a lifestyle adjustment to relieve the years of built up pain and tension. 2.5 weeks ago, Erika worked wonders on my Atlas junction. I left that single session able to effortlessly stand flat against the wall with my shoulders naturally touching it. I continue to check it daily and the alignment remains, while the pain and the tightness in my head, neck, shoulders and back has subsided. I sit and work at a completely new angle now, with my total body. Quite simply... I feel taller and more aware. Game changer for my overall well being. Would recommend Erika without hesitation.

John S.


Erika treated me almost a month ago and I've felt 1. a noticeable difference in my neck mobility and no longer have the tightness I had and 2. my shoulder muscles are much looser. I thought my prior tighness was just attributable to years of biking/triathlons and swimming where I breath on just one side. I'm still as active but the increased flexibility and looser neck & shoulder muscles helps me sleep and feel better. I highly recommend Erika.

Scott R.


I visited Erika several weeks ago for the AtlasproPT treatment. I sought this treatment due to years of recurring neck and shoulder pain. I have previously received cortisone shots (in both shoulders) to alleviate the pain but I do not want to make a habit of getting them in the future. I am pleased to report that the treatment has been very successful. My pain has completely subsided, resulting in more restful sleep, better workouts and, importantly, less Advil. The experience in Erika’s office was terrific. She was educational and caring in her approach. I would highly recommend pursuing this treatment if you experience chronic pain.

Karen D.


2 weeks ago

I heard about Atlaspro from a knowledgeable friend in Switzerland, and I'm always game to try something that adds to wellness! The treatment itself was quick--just about 10 minutes and while it was uncomfortable, it didn't really hurt. Afterwards I felt instantly lighter, more aligned and open. I'm more aware of my posture and I have more mobility in my neck. Awesome!

Alain D.


Amazing effect, can stand upright more easily now; ears over shoulders!
The effect is really great, I feel more open on my back

Priya N.


Prior to having the Atlasprofilax, I suffered from severe sciatica, and back pain (from commuting every day). Immediately following, my sciatica disappeared. I still commute 4 hours daily, crunched on a train, but no back or leg pain whatsoever. Also noticed that my posture is better. I highly recommend this treatment. It's 20 minutes that is life changing. Erika is an ultimate pro and explains the treatment with great knowledge.

Stephen K.


As a result of an auto accident 45 years ago and 50 years of practicing dentistry, I experienced lack of mobility and chronic pain in my neck. After two treatments of AtlasPROFilax, my neck pain is gone and I would estimate a 90% improvement in mobility. A great improvement in my quality of life!
Thank you very very much ERIKA D. !!!!

Jean S.


I received atlasprofilax treatment by Erika over a month ago. It is amazing how much this treatment has helped both my posture and breathing. It also helped relieve a pinched nerve in my shoulder blade. I wish I started with this treatment first for my shoulder as I spent so much money on massages in the hopes of the pain going away and after just one treatment of atlasprofilax I no longer have this shoulder blade pain..... Thank you Erika!

Amanda Z.


As an Occupational Therapist, I’ve know Erika professionally for close to 10 years. She has always impressed me as one of the most caring and knowledgeable Physical Therapists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I noticed through the years that she always put her patients’ well being first. So when I starting complaining about my frequent headaches she had a solution I was interested. A few days after my Atlasprofilax treatment, I realized that she fixed me!!!! My atlas (the top bone of my spine) was significantly rotated. This is what led me years of headaches and shoulder tension, not to mention my “not so great” posture. My posture has improved. My pain is GONE. I can work out again without getting headaches. I learned so much from Erika during my sessions with her. The office is beautiful, and Erika is wonderful. If you have ANY kind of pain issue, it is well worth talking to her about whether she can help you, she will be 100 percent honest with you about whether you will benefit from Atlasprofilax treatment or not. I can not recommend Erika’s services highly enough.

Anna M.


I have recently seen Erika for the AtlasPro treatment and am quite impressed with the results. Erika is just delightful. So caring and the most knowledgeable PT I’ve ever been to.
For the past 5 1/2 years I’ve been to countless physicians consisting of physiatrists, physical therapists, ent’s, neurologists as well as chiropractors. All with very little to NO relief of my chronic neck (facets) and shoulder pain.
I’ve had nothing short of miraculous relief of my debilitating chronic pain with the AtlasProPT. I am a true believer and when you do your research on this treatment it will make TOTAL SENSE. I’m a believer in getting to the source of the problem, not a quick fix with harmful procedures/medications!
Thank you Erika!