Erika Deutschlander, MPT is a certified AtlasPROfilax® practitioner with a Master’s in Physical Therapy from the University of California, San Francisco, and 25 years experience in P.T. After completing training and certification with the AtlasProfilax Academy Switzerland®, she became the first AtlasProfilax provider in New England.


I am a Physical Therapist, mother of 2 boys, lover of wine and dogs, and a beekeeper. Growing up in Northern California, I decided to go East to Wesleyan for undergraduate studies, then back to UCSF for graduate school in Physical Therapy... I eventually ended up back in Connecticut.
I have had the good fortune to help people heal, get out of pain, and return to optimum health. But becoming an Atlasprof has had a profound effect on my successes.  This Swiss-developed treatment is the most effective treatment I've seen for getting people out of pain, significantly improving posture, and helping people feel stronger, more balanced, and more alive.  And everyone can benefit from this- young and old alike! How is it that such a simple non-invasive, safe procedure is still so unknown in the United States? I am proud to offer this revolutionary and safe treatment method to correct a mal-rotated atlas and improve quality of life.