Cervical PAIN

(of muscular origin)

loss of strength/ tingling in arms

Do you suffer from Loss of Strength or Tingling in Arms? Learn how AtlasProFilax can help. 

Loss of Strength & Tingling in Arms

The lower region of the cervical area is related to the muscular level (trapezius, scapula lift) and nerves (brachial plexus) of the arms. If there is a misalignment of the Atlas and some instability in the upper cervical area, it is usually transferred with tension and muscular shortening in the lower cervical area and the beginning of the middle back (dorsal area).

This domino effect ends up affecting the muscles and nerves that control the arms, often causing tingling, loss of strength or sensitivity and pain. 

Restoring the Atlas to the correct position with AtlasPROfilax® allows muscle distension and nerve decompression, as well as a significant change in posture , which moves to the cervical-dorsal region, relieving muscle stiffness and improving nerve passage in the arms.

Effectiveness, improvements and limitations:

AtlasPROfilax® has a very high effectiveness in cases of tingling and loss of strength in arms. 8 out of 10 patients treated with the AtlasPROfilax® Method report that they have overcome the problem in an average of 3 months. The limitations of the therapy are cases of cervical and dorsal degeneration, with or without vertebral crushing or severe cases of carpal tunnel fibrosis. In all other cases, even in many cases diagnosed with carpal tunnel, the therapy is still very effective.