Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? Learn how AtlasProFilax can help. 

The alteration of pain perception is a characteristic symptom of people suffering from Fibromyalgia Syndrome. 

Painful disorders related to Fibromyalgia

Muscle inflammation and dysfunction at the Atlas level, as a result of its bad position, could irritate very important nerve pathways that would be responsible for the increased persistence of characteristic pain in Fibromyalgia. 

Effectiveness, improvements and limitations:

AtlasPROfilax® has been very effective in relieving and improving many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, especially pain.

  • 88% of patients with fibromyalgia-related disorders report very noticeable relief, improving their symptomatology and quality of life by 80% or more.

  • 8% report a significant improvement that improves their quality of life between 50% and 80%.

  • Only 4% of patients do not report any improvement.